Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Haun Boys (plural)

Yes, as you may have heard, I am pregnant and expecting a little brother for Jett in February or March. We are so excited! After 6 years of trying to be pregnant, God has answered our (and countless others') prayers... And we are blessed, thankful, stunned, amazed, confused and happy!

Casey and I have both felt the weight of this gift and had very clear revelation from Jesus about His restoration in this entire process.

In recent years, Casey came to the realization that the older brother he never knew (who went to heaven before Casey was born) was a huge loss in his life. He grieved that loss with a depth of emotion he hadn't before experienced... Just knowing there could have been someone to have his back like only a big brother can do, that it could have been "the Haun boys" and even as he's walked through a difficult season, missing that advocate and voice of wisdom. Now, this is not to say that God hasn't been faithful to provide in other ways for these these needs in Casey's life, because He certainly has!

But at the sonogram where we learned that our next baby is a boy, I heard Jesus say that this baby is going to have a big brother - a big brother, who, because of his birthmother's courage and sacrifice, is the most wonderful, amazing gift in our lives to date! And a gift from God that, if his birthmother had followed the world's recommendations about how to deal with unexpected pregnancy, could easily not have been given at all. And now people will get to say, "Here come the Haun boys."

Here he is, friends:

Isn't he cute?! We're working on a name... Let you know what we come up with!