Sunday, August 30, 2009

Full Days & First Wedding

Our boy is SERIOUSLY teething these days! So, he's not always at his happiest... But we keep busy changing up the scenery to try to distract him from his hurting gums! No pearly whites to report just yet.
He's swimming in the hot tub with Honey, Daddy, Brady, Beau and Betsy here. Brady's giving him a faux hawk and he's happy about it!
We got to have lunch with Angie, Papa Jack and Grandma Pat and we all had a great time. Jett showed off his fancy footwork on the table and thoroughly wore himself out, so Angie bounced him around until he drifted off to sweet sleep ;)
In typical 4-month-old style, Jett is exploring by putting everything in his mouth. "He tried to eat the bathtub but it wouldn't go down his throat." Anyone else remember that jump rope/hand clapping song from elementary school?

Casey's cousin Ashley got married, so Jett attended his first wedding. Thankfully it was outside, so he was one happy guest. Here he is with his Papaw, Tatu and Daddy. (Thanks for the photos, Honey... I didn't take nearly as many good ones as you did! Nor did I get a good one of the beautiful bride!)
Such handsome guys - how lucky am I?!

My sweet outdoorsman. He loves loves loves being outside and around water.

Family portrait by Honey Haun :)

The "kids": Barron, Morgan, Holly, Jeff, me, Jett and Casey.

And, Honey came to the rescue again, bouncing little man to sleep and holding him while we danced and celebrated until her arm locked up!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Four Full Fun Months

Months 3 and 4 have definitely picked up speed! I thought months 1 and 2 seemed like an eternity, but now that we've reached a 1/3 of a year, I'm feeling like putting the brakes on :) We sure love our little bundle of energy. His facial expressions keep up laughing! His Grammy likes to call him Mr. Rubber Face. That's my funny mom.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthdays and Baths

Jett's cousin, Kaleb, turned 12!! I was taking a solitude retreat at my family's farm when I got a call that Kaleb was born and had to cut the solitude short. It's hard to believe how fast 12 years passes. He's a great guy and we are so proud of him. Austin follows suit in another month.

We got to celebrate Kaleb at his house with yummy cake and ice cream. This is Kaleb's birthmom, Liz, holding Jett while Kaleb opens presents. These boys are both very loved and special boys!!

Jett and I are trying to spend some good time in Grammy's pool - although the 30 minute car ride over there is brutal! This week before we got in, Jett had a chance to lounge around on Grammy's big kitty, Rudy :) Rudy is a Ragdoll, and therefore, very chill...

Yay for Aunt Jen!!! She came over at the last minute so Casey and I could see Star Trek before it left the theaters. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and Mr. Jett really enjoyed his quality time with one of his favorite people. What a precious, loving, thoughtful and beautiful friend :)

The Moodys loaned us a cool tummy time toy until Delaney gets bigger. It's like a sit n' spin for babies and Jett really likes it.

Can you believe that this young-looking guy is actually 55?! Ricky/Dad/Tatu is a very young 55 and we really enjoyed celebrating with him at Holly & Jeff's house.

Jett's Aunt Holly sure is beautiful, isn't she?! And this is after a day of slaving in the kitchen and not sparing "the rod" on 3 children! She and Jett love one another :)

Betsy is into Jett - she really loves patting him and kissing him and hanging out with him.

I know we post a lot of bath pictures and videos, but time in the water really is his favorite and the time when we see his personality come out the most! He is very serious about swimming. Pardon Jett's slight nudity...

Friday, August 14, 2009

What do I do with all my time?

How am I supposed to fold laundry!?!

Jett took a bath with his cousin Betsy in Honey & Tatu's kitchen sink... So cute :) Honey made a great summer dinner for us and we got to hang out all together again - it had been awhile.

Look at him grabbing his Daddy's chin. He's getting really good at grabbing things. He's got some seriously sticky fingers and toes! This was on our lunch date to Cafe R&D & Sprinkles :) YUM!
This is baby Delaney Moody. She's 3 weeks old and perfect... we got to visit her and her mommy and daddy. What an angel.

Proud papas:

She's so little - she's not as big as Jett was when he was born yet!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Days

We're having fun these days. Jett is just a cutie - what can we say?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jett R. Haun by Coli Jones

I finally returned a dish to my sweet friend, Coli, who brought dinner when Jett was first born... While we were there she got out her camera. She's an amazing photographer - check out her blog! Although Jett wasn't really cooperating by(no million dollar smiles), she captured some great shots of him. Thank you, Coli! You're awesome!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

100 Days!

Can you believe what has taken place in the last 100 days!? Jett was born, came home with us, turned our lives upside down (in a good way, of course) and look how happy he is about it...

He really likes a bath, especially one with the jets on. He laughs and smiles almost as much as he does at himself in the mirror :)

He loves to celebrate his aunt Ronna's Birthday! He loved the cool fountain and the water sounds.

The porch swing is currently his favorite napping spot. Too bad for mommy that it's so stinking hot outside in Texas!

He gives me some good loving every now and then - in between all his jumping/wiggling/squirming sessions.

To celebrate his 100th day (and to relieve his mommy), Jett's Honey came to stay with him while I got to go grocery shopping all by myself! She got him laughing and I think that made her trip worth while. And, we have food again. Thanks, Honey - you're the best :)

If the next 100 years are as full and fun as your first 100 days, my little man, you are in for one adventure of a life. We love you so much and can't imagine life without you! What did we even DO 101 days ago?!?