Monday, August 30, 2010

Those Gorgeous Griffin Girls

We just love the Griffins and we love getting to hang out with the girls, which we had the opportunity to do. We shared cinnamon toast and then played in the back yard - went to the beach, the pool, made sand castles, had a birthday party (all pretend), ate dirt, leaves, wood chips (all real). Then we went for a walk/bike ride and ended our time with a little "Step In Time" from Mary Poppins and some lunch when Tara came home! Whew! What fun...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

16 months

Jett is 16 months old and he is really getting big. He's talking A LOT of Jettish and has added several signs and a few words (banana, apple, mama, daddy, Tatu). I'm not kidding, that guy started jabbering first thing this morning and he did not stop until we fed him - even though we both fell asleep as he took clothes and shoes out of our closet and scattered them around the house, happily chatting away. So much fun...

This is his "what are those crazy people doing?" face. Aunt Jen and I were making lots of noise and jumping up and down so he'd stay in his chair for 2.3 seconds...

This is his "crazy people are funny" face :)

Sure do love our little man and all his huge personality. Treasuring each day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tatu Turns 56!

We got to end our staycation by celebrating Ricky's birthday: Frogmore Stew and Chocolate Cake :) Yummy. Happy Birthday, Tatu! We love you...

Friday, August 20, 2010

One More Beach Trip

Jett and I snuck away from our staycation for one more visit at the "Beach" with Darcy, Mae, the Wilders and the DeLaneys. It was really fun and Jett was even braver in the water than he was last week!

It started to rain while we were there and it made it so cool - ahhhh! A nice break in August.

"What is falling from the sky?"

"Those big kids are so cool!"

Thanks again, Mae, for hosting us at your cool pool :) Love you!


So, we didn't get to go to Galveston with the Hauns this year - bummer. But we did get to have a vacation at their home, which aside from the missing sand, ocean and shark's teeth, is just as good or better! Honey and Tatu know how to have a good time and Jett and I took full advantage of that :)

Look at this impromtu breakfast on the patio (add fan to simulate ocean breeze)! So fun and so yummy.

We did a lot of swimming and eating and watching HGTV and we are really thankful for our time away. Jett loved spending time with all the people that are so good at showing how much they love him. We are very blessed, happy and satisfied :) Thanks to Honey and Tatu for all their hard work in hosting us and to all our friends who watched our house and animals. LOVE Y'ALL!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kaleb is Officially a Teenager...

Yep. It's hard to believe that the little guy who said "My cousin doesn't like it when they call him Ow-stin" is as tall as me now. SO FAST! He's a great guy and I'm so proud of him. Jett really digs him, too :)

We swam at Kaleb's dad's house and had a great time throwing all manner of swim toys at each other for over an hour. Jett was wide-eyed and amazed at the craziness. His Grammy, who did not swim, was not as amused at the water-logged objects being chucked at her :) Happy days...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visiting the Shucks

We got to take dinner for Judah's mom and dad and grandmom. A perfect excuse to visit the little man :) And, there's nothing like sharing Jimmy John's #12s with good friends!

Look at that beautiful Mama! She's doing an amazing job.

Jett really enjoyed getting to know Judah. And he liked running around his house, too.

What a handsome little man. So precious! Love you, Judah!

Beach - Sort Of

Jett and I got to go to the Stonebridge Community Pool with Mae and Darcy! What a fun way to celebrate summer... The enormous pool has beach sand all the way around it, so at least it feels beachy.

Jett liked the sand and the attention from these pretty ladies ;)

"Let's go slide, Mama!"

Love you, girls! Thanks for making our afternoon so special.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Judah Stephen Shuck

Ashley and Jeremy welcomed sweet Judah into the world and he's so precious.
He looks so much like his Daddy and he has a rockstar hairdo!

We love you, little man! Welcome to life...