Friday, April 20, 2012

Breast Feeding and Potty Training

Yep. That's what I've been up to lately. Happily working with my new son on eating and with my oldest son on losing the diapers.

Granger eats like a champ and even still, breast feeding has been difficult! It's a really complicated process and while I knew that was true, experiencing it has been a challenge. I thought that it would be a lot easier than nursing Jett with the nursing trainers, but not so! Thankfully, I'm surrounded by people who are happy to help and so I've been very supported in my journey. Granger weighs 13 lbs at 7 weeks (Jett weighs 25 and he'll be 3 next week!), so despite any difficulties we've faced, he's - not surprisingly, knowing his parents - excelling.

Jett is doing great in his new task. It has not been without incident, however. Namely, he cleared his Sunday School class when he forgot to tell his teachers before the poop happened, rather than after. Poor teachers had to move all the other kids to a new classroom and scrub the CARPET. I was not at church that day, so chalk that one up to Daddy. Additionally, Jett has been given the job of "picking up poop" in our backyard (because Casey ordered a pooper scooper on Amazon and didn't note the dimensions - it is a miniature one, just Jett's size. Handy!). He was happily doing his chore outside the other morning when I stuck my head out the door and saw him under the trampoline, pants at his ankles, pooper scooper in hand. "I pooped in the grass!" he enthusiastically exclaimed. "I'm picking up poop" he uttered in his next breath. Oh, boy. Of course, Casey has already taught him about peeing in the grass, so this is the logical next step to a little boy. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as neat. Ahem.

So, sorry I didn't get pictures, but my hands have been full of... well, full.
I am really happy to be home with these two precious boys and I'm enjoying even the messiness. It really is a good thing they're so cute :O) God knew.