Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haun Girls' Shopping Spree

Each year between Christmas and New Year's, Kaye, Holly, Morgan and I get away and shop together. I love spending time with these beautiful ladies and I'm so thankful that they've welcomed me into their close-knit family. Because I'm still feeding Jett every few hours, I didn't get to "get away" quite like I usually do. But, I have an amazing husband who was willing to hang out in the Galleria with Jett from 3 to 9 PM and bring him to me when he needed eat. I went home for the night (sad to miss the slumber party) but I came back by myself the next morning until noon. They continued shopping until 7 PM! I don't have the shopping stamina they have, for sure!! Honey broke her foot last week, so she was in a wheelchair for our shopping spree. Such a trooper... She only accidentally shoplifted a few times :)

Morgan and Holly inadvertently wore the same outfit :) "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters"

Not only did each of us receive some "play money," but we were treated to a fabulous meal at Grand Lux - one of my favorites. It was so sweet and I am really grateful: for the girl time, the break from being mommy and for feeling taken care of.

Casey had to show us the new tricks he and Jett worked on while we shopped. What cute boys I have!

Our Celebrations Continue...

We love getting to celebrate Christmas lots of times and with lots of people. We loved getting to eat our favorite burger with Kate. Jett seemed really grown up to us that night at dinner. Kate baked us some delicious red velvet cupcakes, too. Yummy!

We got to pick Jen up from her trip home to Colorado. We were so glad to have her back! She fed Jett some ice cream, and he was really happy about it, as you can imagine, and she hung out with us longer than she intended - but we just couldn't let her go :)

Kitty likes hanging out with us when Jen's here, too. He's such a funny cat.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Boy

This big guy is 8 months old! I can't believe he's filling up his little red chair now. Time flies when you're having fun :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special Visitors...

We had some special friends come to visit us! Jett was thankful that Taylor shared her biscuits with him. Thanks for loving on our little man, friends!

Bad lighting, but Jett loved Craig. We can't blame him - he's a pretty cool guy! Even though he's allergic to all of the animals in our zoo, uh, I mean, house.

Grammy recommended teaching Jett to use a spoon with ice cream. So we gave it a shot... He tried, but got frustrated and then just cried because he wanted us to feed him more of that deliciously cold sweet treat :) I guess we'll try again in a few weeks!

Pancakes with the Griffins

Casey's so good with kids :) Love those beautiful Griffin Girls (and their parents). Casey also makes a yummy breakfast. He's just an all-around great guy. Now, before you start thinking he juggled everything while Randy, Tara and I sat around and ate breakfast, just know that we helped, too. Tara and I fed the babies in our matching nursing covers! We were so cute. What a happy way to spend the day after Christmas (a day I usually feel blue)!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at Grammy's House

After our relaxing morning at home, we headed to Grammy's (a little late because Jett took a long nap!). We ate a delicious meal with lots of meat and veggies and then dove into the gifts. After that, Jett was worn out, so we took a little nap upstairs. Then we had some dessert and started our White Elephant gift exchange. We had a great time - I had my hands pretty full, so I didn't document with photos very well, but we are thankful for our family and the time we get to spend with them :)

Christmas at Home

It's so special that Jett's first Christmas was a white one. That's pretty cool in Dallas. Poor guy! He still has a ear infection, so he wasn't feeling his best, but he had a great time, especially when we played in all that cold white stuff outside!

So idyllic and cozy...

The view out our front window :)

Jett was into the croissant for breakfast on Christmas morning tradition. He liked 'em. And he liked chillin' with this "Dada."

Big snow angel.

Little snow angel.

Sweet baby angel of the world! Merry Christmas to me :)


The whole family - almost got this one, but Bix jumped down right before the camera clicked...

Not the best shot - it's hard to tell that there are two labs (they sort of melt into each other) but we're all in it... MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Casey, Cheryl, Jett, Salomon, Jade, Bixby, Tess and Kobe Haun!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Eve

As is our tradition, we spent our Christmas Eve at Nanny's house with (most of) the Hauns. It was so wonderful that it snowed all day and just a little scary on the roads coming home! It was Jett's first stocking and first packages to unwrap. He loved it and so did we. Thanks to Nanny for making our memories so special.

Getting to hang out with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Steve was a treat! Look at that smile...

Betsy was digging her red tutu and her green chucks. What a doll face!!

Our snow-covered house with lights when we finally made it home :)

This is one of my all-time favorite videos ever!! He's probably going to hate this one later on, but it is so sweet, I just have to post it. Love you, Honey!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Jett has a bunch of beautiful friends that are girls. We've been enjoying seeing some of them recently...

We got to have lunch with Kaylee and her pretty mama! It was so good to see them both and we had a yummy lunch and a great visit. We hope to get to see them again soon :)

Look at those beautiful eyes - WOW!! So precious.

Jett continues to enjoy his Christmas tree... Wonder what will keep him occupied in January!?

The Griffins came over for pancakes. Casey made yummy chocolate chip pancakes (which I'm now addicted to - thanks to the Zakaryans for making the suggestion). He finally got to hold sweet baby Tatum.

Adelaide got to see the Rockettes Christmas Show and she has been practicing her kicks ever since. She decided to teach Jett her new moves :) I wish I had gotten to see the Rockettes this year, but I'm glad I got to see the next best thing!

Look at the beautiful face. Such a sweet baby girl...

The next day, while Jett's cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and dad went to Holiday in the Park, Aunt Jen came over and watched "The Grinch" with Jett and me. He had some crazy hair for the occasion, which I had to document... Next year, maybe we'll brave the cold for a crazy, wild time at Six Flags.

Sweet little man: