Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can Jett really be 5 months already?!

A lot can happen in 5 months, you know?! Look at this guy sitting up by himself, wrestling with his elephant, standing while leaning on his chair, smiling his cute dimply face off... Well, I guess he's done that for awhile now :) He sure is fun these days! Now if only we could get those teeth to come in, we'd be in good shape.

Jett Remington Haun - we love you, little man!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling Down on the Blog...

It's been so busy! This is THE BIRTHDAY month for us. I seriously know at least one or two people with birthdays every day from September 9 to September 29! Whew - who has time to take pictures or blog with all those birthdays to celebrate?! Not me!!

We had our annual Nicholas Family September birthday party: Austin is 12, Carlee is 16, James (in absentia) is 38 and David is 45!

Morgan got to celebrate her birthday at Holly's house because Honey got sick! On Mo's birthday! I mean, the nerve :) Hope you are feeling better, Honey. We missed you...

Casey and I signed up to be a part of a program to get to know an international student. We went to a "match party" last night at UTD and got matched with the CUTEST girl from Taiwan. Her name is Tzu-Yun, but she chose Emily as her American name. Her dimples match Jett's!! We can't wait to get to know her better. I thought Paige would appreciate the peace sign fingers :)

Since we were so close to Grammy's house, we stopped by to feed Jett and put him to sleep. But Grammy thought he needed to learn to play the tambourine instead. He was a natural, let me tell you.

I've skipped many events in this post, but it's the best I can do today. My sweet husband is beckoning me to join him on this lovely morning on the porch while he repairs the porch swing he busted over the weekend :) How can I resist?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the rest of the story...

Aside from the beautiful bride and the bouncing baby boys, we had tons of fun (in no particular chronological order):

Paige and Sean treated all their friends to breakfast at East Beach Grill. Banana Wheat Germ Pancakes and lovely girls - ahhhh.
Dana came and visited with us in some of the down times at the rental house where the Hauns, the Zakaryans and their Grammys stayed. It is always wonderful to be with her.

My mom came and helped A TON with baby Jett! She's the best Grammy in the world :)

Immediately following the wedding ceremony, Paige and Sean hired the trolley to take the wedding party (and dates) on a 1-hour tour of Santa Barbara, complete with fun music, dancing, snack, champagne and lots of pictures. So fun!!

Brent and Kim (Asher stayed with his Grammy, too. He treated his Grammy a lot better than Jett treated his, though!)

The newly engaged Marci (soon to be Mrs. Gentzkow) and Chris. Aren't they glamorous?! So excited to visit California again in January for their nuptials. We also got to spend some good time with Chris while Marci was driving around the bride. He passed, Bub - you can marry him :)

The fun bride and groom. They were so happy and so in love and so beautiful. Love them and so excited for their lives together.

We got to see Mel, Dan, Caleb and meet little Gracie. Love the Barnetts!!
I miss these girls out here in Texas. Always thankful for an excuse to visit! A wedding is an especially wonderful occasion.
And the getaway... on a Vespa! Aren't they the cutest! Mr. & Mrs. Whiting, off to France :)

The Boys

One of the bonuses of our visit to California for Paige's wedding was getting to meet Asher and hang out with his parents :) He's a cutie and the boys had some cute, funny interaction - even at 4 months.

They wore matching outfits to Auntie Paige's wedding and they were HANDSOME! And she was brave... this was before the wedding!

Love this shot that Uncle "Z" captured at our very cool rental house. Classic Jett face and Casey hair.
Uncle Z read to the boys, but Asher kept rolling over and Jett kept grabbing his ear. So funny!
A manly walk around Ladera in the Baby Bjorns. The little boys are actually holding hands here.
Good thing Z has an awesome camera. We got some great shots out of the deal. Thanks, Z! Jett loved the ocean, even as cold as the Pacific is!
Here are my boys during the wedding ceremony. So cool.
Sweet Mr. Asher Bean. I love him and miss his round head already!

The Bride

So we finally got to go to Santa Barbara for Paige's wedding!! Isn't she beautiful?! Sean is one lucky guy :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun with the Fam

Miss Tara had a conference, so Jett and I got to hang out with Adelaide during the day. After we played at Honey's house in the hot tub, we made a trip to Prosper to visit the Smiths. We had a great time: ate Sonic, played, napped, laughed, jumped on the trampoline and played some more. Then Tara joined us and we had pizza together. Our husbands were dove hunting (it was opening day). All in all - a great day! Holly is such a great hostess and we loved being at her house with Brady, Beau and Betsy.

Adelaide really wanted to play with Betsy, since she was the only girl and all. Beau really wanted to play with Adelaide since she's such a cute girl. Some funny conversations involving Beau:

1. Beau: How old is Adelaide?
Me: Two and a half
Beau: She looks three...

2. Beau: When is Adelaide going to wake up?
Me: I don't know, Beau.

3. Adelaide: Come play with me, Betsy.
Betsy: (silence)
Beau: I'll play with you, Adelaide.
Adelaide: Want to play puppies?

4. Beau: (no words) driving his super cool 4-wheeler, waving at Adelaide with a smirk on his face and a sparkle in his eye.

Brady told me at least three times "Beau likes Adelaide"... You think?!! So funny. So cute.

I was really hoping Tara would get there in time to see this get up! She did and I'm really glad. But she almost didn't get past the boys... She walked up the driveway and they pointed their guns at her and said "Who are you?" "I'm Adelaide's mommy. Do you know Adelaide?" she said. "Oh" and then they walked off. Good to know the boys are protecting their own :)