Friday, November 14, 2008

Jeff's 30th Birthday

We love Jeffrey. We've really enjoyed getting to know him over these past 9 years that he's been in our lives. To celebrate his milestone birthday, he and Casey (and Matt and Kent - who Jeff doesn't know, but Casey invited because he likes them...) went golfing. Jeff came over and had some pancakes and bacon and we took pictures of him because we were so impressed with his wave-of-a-do.After golf, we headed to the Sr. Hauns house to celebrate together as a family. Here's a picture of the Haun kids and their significant others. Good thing Barron made it in the picture - we were thinking Kaye might make him sit one out, since he's not official yet. In the spirit of celebration, we got to wear temporary tattoos - compliments of Beau. My options were a blue octopus on my chest, which unfortunately was defective, or an anchor on the nape of my neck. Sorry you can't see it in the picture, but it is there! I even wore it to a wedding I attended the next day :)
We headed to Babe's fried chicken, waiting in the freezing cold, ate way too much home cookin' and had a great time. They even sang to Jeff and tried to make him dance, but he would have none of it. Isn't cowgirl Jeff cute?
We had a cute waitress who sang on a microphone throughout the restaurant while she wasn't serving us. She brought Beau & Brady the wrong drink, and apologized, calling Beau sir. He was very impressed that she thought he was a sir. I think they forgave her for the mistake because she had a magic coloring book trick that they were pretty impressed by.
Love you, Jeffrey. Hope your day was memorable and your year is full of lots of unexpected happiness. And we hope the gray hairs don't take over that full head of hair too soon!

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