Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Casey's Birthweek

Well, since Casey didn't have an actual birthday this year, we celebrated all weekend long in California. We had such a fun trip - it was just perfect.
Casey got to: eat In N Out twice, golf two rounds, buy an In N Out T-shirt, go on a boat ride at sunset, eat and drink a lot of other yummy things besides In N Out, including "the best" calamari he's ever tasted, and he got to do all those things with some of his favorite people in the world.
"Z" and "C-Don"
Kim and Brent - Kim gives a superb retelling of the weekend, play-by-play. Check it out.
Z after our 3 1/2 hour dinner at Simply Fondue. He's one sleepy dude at 11:30 PM.
Marci and Chris took us on a wonderful tour of Naples by "duffy" boat. It was so fun to be together on such a beautiful day. What a relaxing, relational adventure :)
The boys had a pow-wow on the back of the boat, so Marci had to take the wheel. She was a good navigator - she won't steer you wrong!

We love our time in California and we are so thankful to have such amazing friends who love us and host us annually. We don't plan on stopping any time soon, so y'all keep it up!

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