Thursday, April 15, 2010

Honey's Birthday Eve

Kaye Haun is the queen of birthdays and we've been having a great time celebrating her special day all week! Jett and I got to have lunch with the birthday girl on her birthday eve - what fun! Here was the girls' table.
And the kids' table (Betsy liked to sit at both). Jett did great!
After lunch, we got to play at Honey and Tatu's house. Aunt Mo took Jett up on Tatu's tractor and he LOVED every second. He was touching every lever he could reach and talking a lot.
Ricky took a break from his work and put on his party clothes to celebrate his bride.
Cindy brought Owen over and he and Betsy got some good rides behind the bicycle.
Honey bounced Jett to sleep and he took his afternoon (evening) nap in her arms. So sweet.
Beau is very shy and retiring around cameras.

Casey couldn't stay away, so he headed over after work and we partied some more. And, of course, we had to end the party in the hot tub.

Oh, can't wait for more celebrating!

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