Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lunching with the Ladies

It was a good week. We got to eat lunch with Aunt Mo and Honey! After lunch with Mo, she bought Jett a birthday donut and he liked it :)

Then she held him while he watched cars in the parking lot (one of his very favorite activities).

Jett gave both these lovely ladies some snuggles - quick ones, but snuggles nevertheless. AND, he walked on Honey's front porch while Tatu recorded him :) He's getting so big!
Thanks for making our week so fun, sweet family. It was supposed to continue at Aunt Holly's house, but Jett got a sad tummy, so we were thankful for our good outings before our homebound days. And, we still have fun with Aunt Holly to look forward to when he's all better...

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Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

Love that picture of him sleeping cross legged in the carseat!