Friday, August 20, 2010


So, we didn't get to go to Galveston with the Hauns this year - bummer. But we did get to have a vacation at their home, which aside from the missing sand, ocean and shark's teeth, is just as good or better! Honey and Tatu know how to have a good time and Jett and I took full advantage of that :)

Look at this impromtu breakfast on the patio (add fan to simulate ocean breeze)! So fun and so yummy.

We did a lot of swimming and eating and watching HGTV and we are really thankful for our time away. Jett loved spending time with all the people that are so good at showing how much they love him. We are very blessed, happy and satisfied :) Thanks to Honey and Tatu for all their hard work in hosting us and to all our friends who watched our house and animals. LOVE Y'ALL!

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