Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whitings in Texas: Just Where They Should Be

Sweet Paige and the newfound love of her life, Sean, made a trip to Texas because they love us and are about to embark on (another) international adventure! They're headed to India at the first of next year, so they are making trips around the country for some good quality time with friends before they go. Their trip to Texas was no exception - we got some good quality time :)

Paige got to meet Jen, which was so fun. We shared gelato (and hot chocolate) at one of our favorite places: Paciugo. Paige and Jen share a love of white Jettas. Paige attempted to convert Sean to being a Jetta-lover, but he was having none of it.

Then we headed to the Hauns' front porch for some wine and hor d'0euvres. So fun. A little fall weather even graced us with its presence for the afternoon, much to Sean's relief.

We enjoyed hanging out at our house, watching Jett play with Aunt Peach and Uncle Whitey. He even gave Paige some serious snuggle time, which rarely happens for anyone! She was pretty happy about that...

We ventured out to some parks and the Grapevine Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful. Jett loved being outside (as always) and getting the undivided attention of 4 adults. He thought that ratio was about right.

One of his favorite games is "Pull the hair of the person upon whose shoulders you're riding." Uncle Whitey was no exception, but he was much more subtle in his cries of pain that Jett's dad - big surprise there!

He loves swinging, especially with a pretty lady :)

There are no words to express how much we love Paige and Sean and how special their friendship is to us. Jesus is just so good to us. Love y'all!! Thanks for making the trip out.

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Mae said...

Jen and Paige share their love for Jettas and Jett-ers! :) Love your girlfriends!