Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmassy Saturday

OOOOOO! I love Saturdays. Especially Saturdays in December. Our first one this year did not disappoint :)

Aunt Jen stayed with Jett on Friday night so we could have a date with Melanie and Andy, then a little coffee date together after we put Jett to sleep. Then we had a slumber party and stayed up past midnight to watch a Christmas movie... Saturday morning pancakes, a trip to the park, lunch at Fuzzy's. Really. Happy. Day.

He made friends with a pretty lady at Fuzzy's and she took him for a tour of the kitchen. He thought he was hot stuff!!

Then we got to celebrate Tatum's first birthday with the Griffin girls!! She got to have her first chocolate pancake and boy was she digging it!!

Thanks to our sweet friends for making our day so special :)

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Jen Beltz said...

I sure love Saturdays with the Hauns...nothing like 'em!