Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas (and New Year's) at Honey and Tatu's

So, stomach sickness continued to plague our Christmas :( This time Jeff and Casey were sick while the rest of us partied. It was not the same without them (or even with them - when they made the effort to join us, they were quite subdued).

Casey felt good enough to make a show of his REI women's biker pants Jeff got him...

Jett's favorite activity was watching Tatu's (very loud) train circle around the Christmas Tree. Unfortunately, no one could carry on conversation while it was going, so he didn't get to see it as much as he would have liked.


Words with Friends Challenge!!

Jett was missing his Daddy.

We always love our Christmas tradition at Honey and Tatu's house. We just wish we could have avoided sickness this year! We kept saying 'Merry Freakin' Christmas' anytime something went awry :)

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