Sunday, July 27, 2008

Camp Davis

I love Camp Davis. I've been going since I was 2 and there's no place like it to me. Aside from the cool weather, the beautiful landscapes and the wonderful smells, I love the people (my family and other families) and the food :) I just love it so much I can't help but post a bunch of pictures! This is the view from the top of the mountain we rode up on Thursday - breathtaking!

This is Cathie and her boyfriend George at breakfast... We were having fun :)
Lynda would probably not approve of me posting this pic, but she doesn't know how to check my blog, so don't tell her.

My 2nd oldest brother, David, keeps up laughing all week.
Can you believe Kaleb and Austin about about to turn 11?!!
Sam (David's girlfriend's son) was shying away from pictures. It was the best I could do...

We went horseback riding on Monday morning and it was a good ride. Casey is wearing his "uniform" - ha ha.
My niece, Carlee, is 14 and there's a sweet special needs boy at Camp who was IN LOVE with her this year. He's probably 7 or 8 and he fully kissed her several times. As we were leaving, he made her a bouquet and they got married... So she's now officially Mrs. Lorenzo Foxworth. Isn't she beautiful?

Casey caught the biggest fish this year. He ate it all at the fish fry, too!
Here are Tess and Kobe... Don't they look sweet. Before you get carried away, just know that they found a dead baby bird and that's the only reason they were still enough for me to take their picture. This was right before they started rolling on top of it. Gross...

Here's one of my favorite spots in camp - walking back to the cabin from the "mess hall" from one of those yummy meals.

I'm so thankful for this place and I hope that we'll get to continue going for many years to come...


Jackie Sue said...

I've heard so much from you about that place over the years and those are the first pictures I've seen! Thanks for posting them. I can't believe how much the Haun family is growing!

Love the photo of Casey and the big fish.

Love the photo of Tess and Kobe; my friend's dog always rolls in stinky stuff, too.

Great post!

Jackie Sue said...

Oh, and I meant to say your side of the family, not Casey's. Sorry!