Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My mom and I had the privilege of traveling to the revival in Lakeland, FL. We didn't see Todd Bentley, as he was taking a break, but what we saw and experienced was aweseome, nevertheless. I only managed to take a picture of our hotel room, however. Worshiping with approximately 8,000 people who were so hungry and had traveled from ALL OVER the world was truly amazing. I saw a lady get a gold tooth and I saw about 6 or 7 people lose enough weight that their pants were really loose while one of the speakers was sharing testimonies! Pretty strange.


Zakaryans said...

I want to hear more about this. I love that you only got a picture of the hotel room! classic! i just love you schner. call me soon, i really want to hear about your trip! love, KZ

Brooke'Lain said...

I'm going to have to hear more about this gold tooth and weight loss thing!!!!!