Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy 78th Birthday, Nanny!

To celebrate Casey's grandmother's 78th birthday, we loaded up the Smith kids and headed to the Dallas Arboretum. Nanny is such a beautiful, wonderful grandmother - I hope I am as young, hip and vivacious at 78 as she is! We had a full day... and this is after Casey took them all to the State Fair of Texas all day just three days earlier :)

Honey had a great time learning and playing with those cute boys. They identified different kinds of pumpkins and ploughed and ran and rolled down hills and watched the Koi fish. Needless to say, we napped in the car on the ride home.
Brady is such a precious guy - he's so thoughtful and inquisitive and helpful. He REALLY likes to tuck his shirts in these days. After he rolled around for a bit, he was sure to get that shirttail tucked back in tight. Holly made him untuck it for the group shots - he was pretty bummed. This is how Brady wanted his picture taken. Classic!Of course, one of the objectives of the trip was to get a good picture of all three kids with the pumpkins. Betsy hung in there for awhile, but as soon as that hay started poking her, she was done! The boys gave her a piece of hay and told her to smoke it - it was so funny.

Beau continues to make us laugh. During the portrait-taking, he told us "I have a good idea about where I can sit," at which point he promptly sat down directly in front of Brady and Betsy. Honey had to move him. Check out these faces.

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