Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wichita Extravaganza

We recently went on a weekend vacation with Morgan and Walter. We talked about going to the Caribbean or somewhere exotic, but decided our dollars were better saved than spent, so we rented a cabin in the Wichita Mountains in beautiful Oklahoma :) Casey informed us that they are one of only two mountain ranges in the US that extend from east to west. We explored, relaxed, hiked, napped, read, visited and laughed. We had some great steak - thanks to my husband, who has recently decided to conquer the perfect steak - and s'mores around the fire. It was so fun! Stokeses, I think we need to have another long weekend together soon... Maybe Alabama? z
Morgan was pretty disappointed that she wasn't allowed to have martinis while she was hiking.


Katherine said...

ahhh... that looks like SO much fun! Too bad about the martinis :) Maybe in AL?!?! (Or... NEW YORK!!!) Glad you had a good trip! Look forward to trying Casey's steak sometime! Please tell Morgan hello from me!

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

It looks like a beautiful place- you guys are blessed to do so much fun traveling :)