Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holly's 30th

Casey's sister, Holly, turned 30 this year. Appropriately, we celebrated her for the week. "The kids" (Holly, Jeff, Cheryl, Casey, Morgan and Barron) went out on Friday, and ran into some old friends - it was yummy (Cuba Libre!) and fun. We went dancing after dinner, too. Jeff and I fell asleep in the car between activities because apparently we're not as fun and energetic as the rest of the crowd.

Margaritas and black bean dip x2 :)

Jeff, Casey and Jared.

Jeff, Casey, Colby (and Jared behind Casey)

We also got to surprise Holly on her actual birthday - Monday, February 9 - at one of our favorite home cooking spots, Babe's. She was definitely surprised, because despite Morgan's subtle nudgings for her to shower, she came unawares, unshowered and wearing a sweat dress and tights (and looked absolutely cute, as always). This outfit did not, however, meet Holly's standards for 30th Birthday Party attire, and so she traded outfits with Morgan mid-meal :) So funny!

The Hauns had birthday dinner, (Chicken Alfredo) the following evening, but sadly we didn't make it, due to a long day and severe headache :(

Love you, sweet Holly. So glad you were born, so glad you're my friend and my sister.

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