Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Half Birthday

Sweet Baby Jett is 6 months old! He's so fun these days. I wrote him a letter telling him some things we've learned about him in his first half a year... Funny to think about. He is a character and we love his spunk and his crazy hair :)

And the last photo before he fell face forward off the chair onto the floor. End of photo opp. Again. Man, I'm going to get fast enough to catch him one of these days... Poor guy. Thankfully the chair is not 6 inches off the ground and he's falling onto carpet plus rug.

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Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

So much to comment on. So little time this morning! Is it possible Jett is getting cuter and cuter?! He is one active little guy who fits into your active lifestyle so well. It's beautiful to see how he was desgined for you.