Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, Mr. Jett discovered a new trick with his tongue - he likes to stick it out on one side. I took 65 pictures to try to capture it, but he's so wiggly, they're all blurry. Here are a few:

We went to the Hauns' house to celebrate our sweet Nanny who turned 79! We had a great time with our family. The boys :)

Aunt Holly bouncing Jett (after Tatu aired it up for us!)

Beau was so sweet to help Nanny open her gifts.

Randy and Tara told us we needed to take a picture/video of Jett crying so we could have it later on. Right now, it just makes us so sad. I can't even post the video - it would bring you to tears, I promise! Look at that little face :(

Jett is getting better and better at helping me with household chores. Here he's helping me make the bed:

Here are some more attempts at self portraits - ha ha. Still haven't convinced Casey to take pictures of us.

Jett's telling me a secret. Not sure what it was but I smiled and nodded like I did.

Can't believe he's smiling. This is a scary face on his mom!
I walked into the garage to get the dog food and he followed me into the action. He is really interested in those dogs (and their bowls) these days. So cute!


Mae said...

oh my oh my! I laugh and smile, and wanna come bounce your son! What a cute new tongue trick! And good work on the self portraits! Now to cut and paste the first two with the last, and the last video - my fav! Puppies and Jetty!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

That little floor pusher is supposed to help Jett be active, but can't you just imagine him saying: "This thing is holding me back Mom." Haha

Zakaryans said...

i love those self portraits sweet friend! miss you and jetters so much!!