Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crawling's For Babies...

So, Jett REALLY likes to stand up. He can sort of tummy crawl (which he did right before I took these videos but didn't video) but he fusses profoundly! He'd much rather be doing this:




Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

After spending a week with 14 infants, I am *shocked* that Jett is already standing! That's impressive. No one is going to keep him down. Haha

Zakaryans said...

these videos make me SOOOOOOOO happy! ooooo... i love that little face. i truly cannot believe how well he is standing up all by himself. you won't believe how far asher is from doing that! we are just excited that he can sit with the boppy around him. :) can't wait to see you guys!