Monday, November 23, 2009

Puppy Love

Yep. He really doesn't have much choice...

Tess loves because he often has food in, on, or around him.

Kobe loves him because Kobe loves everybody... too forcefully, I'm afraid. Picture 3-legged bull in china cabinet.

Bix loves him in the most meek and gentle way.

Jade loves him because we do.
And Jett loves to watch the dogs play outside, running around, barking, chasing. He wants in on it, but he's just not sure how he's going to get in the thick of things. In the meantime, he's thankful for some entertainment :)


Mae said...

My absolute favorites! Puppies AND Jett!!! Ahhh!! Maybe one day I'll actually get to visit and BE on your blog! Happy Thanksgiving Hauns!

Jackie Sue said...

Wanna come over to our house for dinner and hang out by the fire pit on our new patio?!? :)

Jackie Sue said...

I love his stocking cap!!