Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party Time

My mom had a party at her house for our friends from Taiwan... and Indonesia, China, and Singapore, too :) It was so fun. Emily and her friends made us Pearl Tea, which was really yummy and Tsiao Tsia, Chen, Amy, Irene and Benjamin (our friends who were international students 20 years ago and now live here) brought Chinese candy to share.
Here are some of our friends: Ben, Peter, Emily, Jesse, Mae, Pei and me... It was really fun to hear Mandarin and I tried to figure our what the topic of conversation was when I eavesdropped :) I think I'm going to have to learn it myself!
God is so good to bring us friends from all around the world - WE LOVE THEM! How blessed we are... Mae, I had to swipe your pictures because I forgot to take any myself. I just wanted to give you credit :) We get to have a Chinese New Year's Party very soon - pictures to follow!

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