Saturday, February 6, 2010

Helicopters and Popcorn

Casey got a RC helicopter for Christmas, which he delights in flying around our house, despite his inability to control the pesty thing (believe me, I've had it attack me several times). This has not stopped Jett from his fascination. Or the dogs from their incessant barking :)

My sweet husband has an amazing habit. As you may know, he LOVES popcorn and eats it quite regularly. He particularly likes to save the parts of the popped corn with no kernel attached, or "whities" as he calls them. He bites off the whities and keeps them in his hot little hand until he's finished with the entire bowl. He's so sweet - he always wants to share with me, but I'm never tempted! Well, you'll be glad to know, he's found someone to share his whities with. DON'T worry - they completely melt on his tongue, no chance of choking...

1 comment:

Mae said...

Your big boy is a small kid in a "grown man's" body suit. Cracks me up. And your small boy, is following right in daddy's footsteps. God is so good, and so humorous.