Sunday, June 20, 2010

Casey's Second Father's Day

Casey's big day started with a trip to Taco Cabana. He thinks it feels like vacation.

Then we went to my mom's house to swim. Jett doesn't really like the swimming part so much. But he really likes climbing the stairs to the slide. Neeerrrvous mama. .

And he likes her swing.

Then Grammy took us to Fuzzy's Tacos. Again, Casey's choice. Good choice, my love.

Jett got to ride in his forward facing car seat for the first time. He really liked it, but he must have been ready to get out when I took this shot.

We headed to Honey and Tatu's next for some swimming and fried tacos. Have you noticed a taco theme (breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!). Looks like Tatu was enjoying his Father's Day.

Fun times! Hope all those dads felt loved and celebrated...


Jen Beltz said...

What a fun day, fun people and yum food! And Jett has moved up in the world with that frontward facing seat...the possibilities are endless!

Mr Mrs Jones said...

I want to hang with you more often! You are always in the water...haha.