Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jett Loves The Joneses

YAY! Jason and Coli treated us to a wonderful birthday dinner for our birthdays - even though it was really Jason's birthday week! - and we had a blast. Jett immediately took to Jason because he made funny faces and laughed loudly a lot. But as soon as he got to sit next to Miss Coli, he turned the charm on! He definitely did as much (or more) flirting than eating.

Love y'all! Thanks again for the treat. We'll celebrate your birthdays soon :)


Mr Mrs Jones said...

I love it! hahahahaha I'm stealing your pics, ok? :) SO WISH I had brought my camera so that beautiful you could be included.

Jen Beltz said...

Sooooo fun - love the video! What a fun group!!