Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Play Time

Jett loves to play in the back yard with his puppies :) He's such a little boy!

He also loves to play with his friends Adelaide and Tatum. He was a bit confused as to why their jeep didn't drive around like Beau and Brady's! Ha ha... It was a bit more crowded, too ;)

He LOVES to read books. He's never met a book that wasn't a page turner. That's because all he really likes to do is turn the pages, regardless of the content of the book. So cute...

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Mr Mrs Jones said...

I am in the process of organizing all my pic images from over the years on one computer, and it's been SO fun to see what moments I have preserved memories for. You do such a great job at remembering life here, on this blog! It will be really neat for you to look back and see how much you truly preserved.