Saturday, July 31, 2010

Precious Promises

Sojourn had a worship conference that I got to attend because my sweet Mother-in-Law and my sweet friend Tara volunteered to watch Jett. It was so wonderful to spend some uninterrupted time worshiping. The last day, this beautiful rainbow showed up over the water tower outside the building :)

Taylor came in town - and got a little uninterrupted time worshiping, too - with John C. Jett and I got to meet this cutie pie after the conference was over. He's the sweetest guy. So happy to see his dimple cheeks (and his beautiful mama) in person!

Jesus is so good to me. Even in the waiting, he promised he'd never leave and he hasn't. And he's given me such amazing people to walk through life with. I'm thankful...

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Mr Mrs Jones said...

Jesus is so good to me too. :)