Tuesday, September 23, 2008

30 and Flirty in NYC

Five of us roommates from Westmont got together to celebrate our 30th birthdays collaboratively. We had a long weekend in New York City, which was a wonderful adventure. I'm so thankful for the girls, the time, the fun and the promise of more times in the future!

I love Paige's zest and enthusiasm for life. She fully embraces everyone and every circumstance that comes her way.

Marci is such a thoughtful, deliberate friend. I love that we share an appreciation for and extensive time in the theatre. I love spending time with her and can't wait for her visit to Dallas!! She was texting in this picture :)

Dana is insightful, free, inquisitive and real, so any gathering with her is bound to be equal amounts of subtance and fun.

Kim is such a stabalizing presence to me. She is 10 weeks pregnant in these pics and she did a great job keeping up with all the activities despite early pregnancy. Below she's talking to her Dad, Big Ray, telling him what a wonderful the dinner he treated us to at Sushi Samba.

We stayed at a high-rise with an awesome view and managed just one room and one bathroom between us :) We enjoyed a relaxing breakfast together each morning before we ventured out on our daily adventures. We ate great food, saw lots of sights, shopped more than I should have, saw a great show, toured NBC studios and saw Cameron Diaz and James Franco rehearsing with the Saturday Night Live cast. It was pretty cool... Dana squealed!

Happy Birthday, girls! I hope thirty is the best year yet... Can't wait to celebrate 35 together :)


Zakaryans said...

I love this post Cher! You are so adorable. I miss you so much already. Did you see my longest post EVER?? -me

Dan,Melissa & Caleb Barnett said...

Love this post too - I am so glad you girls had such a good time. Hope I get to be there next time. love, mel