Monday, September 1, 2008


Casey and I got to have ANOTHER week-long vacation, this time with Casey's family. They've gone to Galveston almost yearly since Casey's parents went on their honeymoon there. We had a wonderfully relaxing time and we're so thankful for such an awesome family. Below: the boys and their beers! Jeff, Barron and Casey...

The girls in black: Nanny, Morgan and Holly.

Betsy and her big brother, Brady.

Unfortunately, the mosquitos swarmed us anytime we headed to the water. Beau is apparently the tastiest of the whole clan. He looked like he had the chicken pox! He told me he was a "mosquito bite (pronounced bat) machine" and that the sand in his belly button was put their by a friendly mosquito. He kept us laughing all week. He is IN LOVE with his uncle Casey, to the point of patting Casey's hair and hand during dinner. So cute!

Our most memborable moments were at the dinner table all together. After chewing his kabab for 10 minutes one night, Beau announced inistantly "MY BEEF IS HARD" and we laughed and laughed.

Ricky, aka Tatoo, and his favorite granddaughter, Betsy. She loves him and watches him wherever he goes...

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Jackie Sue said...

I love that whole post; I love family vacations and reunions and family dinners and beach time. Glad you got to go!