Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nicholas Family September Birthdays

My family has several September birthdays, so we usually have one big get-together. David turned 44 and he's excited about his chocolate cake!

Austin (the baby of the family!) turned 11. He and Kaleb are just SILLY. They giggle every time they're together and it makes me so happy that they're such close cousins.
Carlee turned 14!! I can't believe she was 2 the first time I met her. She's the cutest. Here she is with her mom Carrie and their Chihuahua, Layla.
David's girlfriend, Renee, technically has an October birthday, but she got in on the party this time. She'll be 50 on October 11. In the middle of the present openeings, her son, Sam, asked my mom if we could have a February birthday party... Casey thought that was a good idea :)

Here's mom and her new baby, Blue. He's super cute and fuzzy! No, Kim, he has no tail and yes, he wags his whole rear end. My dogs more than make up for the lack of tails at my mom's house, though, I promise.

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