Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We Hauns love Christmas! We really enjoy all things festive. It's been fun to do all our favorite pre-Christmas activities with Jett: going to my mom's house to help decorate her tree, singing Christmas songs (well, he hasn't let us do that in the car - strictly Weezer!), going to the mall with the largest indoor Christmas tree in the US... Ah, so fun.

Jett enjoys his Grammy's toys and her animals. Blue is a really good dog who isn't as pushy as ours and he doesn't have a tail to wag in Jett's face. They get along great. Blue doesn't even mind when Jett tries to steal his bones. Yummy!

He's a budding musician - it makes me so proud! He was really getting into his music. Then he decided he might need to taste the keys. Cutie.

When we turn on the faucet in the bath tub, Jett suddenly thinks he can fly. He loves baths so much, he attempts a flying leap into the tub completely clothed. His new favorite bathtime treat: sucking the water out of the faucet. Brrrrrrrr!!!

Casey is our neighborhood Pied Piper. He loves showing the neighborhood boys all his old bicycle tricks. He has even fixed his unicycle and has started riding it lately :) It's so cute how the boys play with Jett while they watch Casey do his tricks. I snuck a picture through the window. Notice Casey on one of their bikes.

Casey and I got to have a date while sweet Jen walked around the crazy mall with Jett. A good time was had by all!! Look at all those holiday shoppers in the background - whew!
Oh boy! Jesus' Birthday is so soon and we are really excited to celebrate.

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