Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at Home

It's so special that Jett's first Christmas was a white one. That's pretty cool in Dallas. Poor guy! He still has a ear infection, so he wasn't feeling his best, but he had a great time, especially when we played in all that cold white stuff outside!

So idyllic and cozy...

The view out our front window :)

Jett was into the croissant for breakfast on Christmas morning tradition. He liked 'em. And he liked chillin' with this "Dada."

Big snow angel.

Little snow angel.

Sweet baby angel of the world! Merry Christmas to me :)


The whole family - almost got this one, but Bix jumped down right before the camera clicked...

Not the best shot - it's hard to tell that there are two labs (they sort of melt into each other) but we're all in it... MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Casey, Cheryl, Jett, Salomon, Jade, Bixby, Tess and Kobe Haun!

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