Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haun Girls' Shopping Spree

Each year between Christmas and New Year's, Kaye, Holly, Morgan and I get away and shop together. I love spending time with these beautiful ladies and I'm so thankful that they've welcomed me into their close-knit family. Because I'm still feeding Jett every few hours, I didn't get to "get away" quite like I usually do. But, I have an amazing husband who was willing to hang out in the Galleria with Jett from 3 to 9 PM and bring him to me when he needed eat. I went home for the night (sad to miss the slumber party) but I came back by myself the next morning until noon. They continued shopping until 7 PM! I don't have the shopping stamina they have, for sure!! Honey broke her foot last week, so she was in a wheelchair for our shopping spree. Such a trooper... She only accidentally shoplifted a few times :)

Morgan and Holly inadvertently wore the same outfit :) "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters"

Not only did each of us receive some "play money," but we were treated to a fabulous meal at Grand Lux - one of my favorites. It was so sweet and I am really grateful: for the girl time, the break from being mommy and for feeling taken care of.

Casey had to show us the new tricks he and Jett worked on while we shopped. What cute boys I have!

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