Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hauns' New Year's Eve / Christmas

Every year we prolong our Christmas (yea!) until New Year's Day. The big boys golfed on New Year's Eve, we met up at the senior Hauns' house for a yummy dinner, the kids opened pajamas and headed to bed so Santa could come - again. Although, Beau told me a disturbing rumor that Santa is his daddy... and sometimes, Tatu! The grown ups stayed awake to ring in the New Year, but Morgan and Barron were too weirded out to get in the hot tub with the entire fam, so we skipped it this year. Barron didn't want to rub legs with any of the hairy boys or Kaye Haun - funny. Anyway, we all headed to bed and woke up to have our Christmas morning together on New Year's Day. Wow! There was a lot of wrapping paper and lots of fun gifts :) We ended our time eating at Babe's Fried Chicken and, oh man, it was so good. It was a perfect ending to a perfect last Christmas.
Morning coffee...

Brady's third or fourth jam packed stocking!

Tatu helped Beau find his inner pirate. He just couldn't keep that earring on.

Betsy was into her stocking. And she was walking just in time for her 1st Birthday. We're so proud of her...Holly and her mama.

Such a smiley guy, that Jeff.

What do you think of Kaye Haun's new boots and scarf? It's a good look, I think.

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