Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy One Week Birthday

Jett celebrated the successful completion of his first week by visiting the doctor. She said he looked great - of course. He did a great job on his first outing, but his parents were kind of green. We bumbled around without wipes and a blanket and went through three diapers in one 45-minute appointment :)
Later, Aunt Holly came to visit and we took some fun photos.


Kaye said...

I can't believe he is 1 week old!! He looks so old in that picture! What a big boy!! I sure do love you Mommy and Daddy!

Peter and Abby said...

Congratulations!! We had to come back over and see if your little one arrived. Jett is an awesome name, how'd you pick it? Maybe we're not going down far enough on your blog to find out. Or maybe we'll just have to check back for the answer! He's a cutie!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

After Casey mentioned you having a blog yesterday, I just knew I had to see all the precious things you have to say about life. So here I am. Yep, wonderful things to read and look at!

Thank you so much for letting us meet Jett and visit you. Everything seemed just as it was supposed to be. Love you!