Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jett is 3 Weeks Old

Oh, we're sleepy and mystified and befuddled and in love and confused and totally blessed by this little person. He loves a bath (if he isn't screaming when he gets in). But in an instant, things can get really ugly: a screaming, wet, shivering 3 week old is a very sad sight indeed. He keeps us dependant on the Holy Spirit to know what the heck we're supposed to do with him sometimes :)

Angie and Grandma Pat came by for a visit and to drop of his Social Security card - he has a number now! How exciting...

Celia brought a special visitor to see us - Ashley was in from Kansas City and we got some good catch up time with her. I think she stayed just because she got to snuggle with little guy for almost an hour. That's okay - we'll take her however we can get her. Love you, Ash! Love you, Celia!

Here are some shots of Jett Remington. We have thousands, so narrowing down is hard, but we try to have mercy on our busy readers!


Kaye said...

Oh how I love that boy!!!! and I love your stories (especially when I am in them!)

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

He is a very handsome boy! Love the one where he has a small mohawk.

Your mother's heart comes through even in your desire to rely on the Holy Spirit while raising him. That's so sweet, to read you just want the best for him.