Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven Years of Marital Bliss

My husband and I decided to enjoy a dinner out to celebrate our 7 years of successful marriage together. We headed to Honey & Tatu's house, fed Jett and headed out quickly, so we could be back in time for the next feeding time. We had a great time together and we didn't feel nervous - we knew our little guy was in good hands :)

I love my husband so very much. He has been the best dad to Jett that I could ever imagine. And he's been the best husband to me - far better than anything I could have asked or prayed. He loves me in such tangible ways every day and I know his love is an extension of God's love for me. And, he's just cute!

Love you, Mooch. You're the best one :)

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Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

7 years!!!!!!! And you've only found new reasons and ways to love each other. That is so encouraging to me, as I approach 6 this summer.

Your eye makeup looks great on you. You just look great in general! In all your pics.