Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Bees

We had a busy week this week!
We got to:
- meet the Clarks, who were in town from NY
- visit the doctor unexpectedly (Jett's fine: he just had a few complications from more breastmilk, which is good)
- go to work with Daddy
- go to the farm with all four of the dogs. In the Prius! It's truly like a clown car...
-hang out with Tara and Adelaide while the Daddies worked on Saturday
-have a date with Aunt Jen & Aunt Ronna
- go to church for the first time AND
- go to a dinner party out.
Whew. I'm tired just typing about all that.

Working with Dad is tiring!

Tess was a little crowded and really wanted to get in the seat with Jett.

Jett loves Dakota the horse - he's ready to ride!

Despite appearances, I am not pregnant, but we do look like quite the Texans in front of the John Deere, don't we?

This is his "going out" outfit. Look at those shoes, dude!

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Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

GREAT pics in this post! All everyday average moments that you just want to remember.