Monday, June 1, 2009

Ceiling Fans, Exercise Balls, Headbutts and Spitting

We love our little Jett - his personality is really fun and funny. He is very vocal and has very strong lungs and can project his voice like a professional. He has no trouble telling us how he feels about things. He makes WONDERFUL facial expressions - asleep and awake.

Ceiling fans that are not moving are his favorite object to watch and can actually sway him from throwing a fit. He often purses his lips (like he's saying "Ooooh") at the fans. He loves bouncing and still requires that we bounce him in almost all of his awake time, hence the new found love of our exercise ball. We do get quite the workout these days.

Most nights I wake up to spitting sounds coming from my sweet little son. Serious spitting sounds - like a camel. Or a cat who's really mad. It's very funny. But when you hear the spitting, you know that you have about 2.3 seconds to do some serious bouncing under a ceiling fan before the vocal projection becomes more than you can bear.

I haven't been able to capture the expression yet, but my favorite in his repertoire is when he's coming down off of a screaming fit and sort of half-heartedly coughs. His face is the cutest thing I've ever seen when he does it and I can't help but laugh. But sometimes, he gets offended and decides to go full force into another round of screaming... SHOOT!

His rooting reflex is absolutely amazing. Not a feeding time that goes by when mid-nurse I try to burp him, that he doesn't headbutt me impatiently, vigorously searching for the next half of his meal. And not with the soft spots, either! He's just amazing and strong.


Amy said...

Oh my word he is the cutest thing. Brett loved the video... I cut him off after watching it three times.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

This post made me laugh. He's got a personality!! How fun, to actually see a person inside this little person. And to already imagine reasons why God created him with such strength and determination.