Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Day

We got Father's Day Weekend - Saturday we chilled at the house then went to Lighthouse with Honey and Tatu. After church, we went back to their house and at Babe's chicken (yummy!).

Sunday, we got to have breakfast with Taylor then we went to Grammy's for another try at swimming. And this time it took - Happy Father's Day to Casey. I think he had a great one, which he deserves. I told him if they had a best father competition, though he's new to the game, I'm certain that he'd be in the top running. Jett gave a hardy "Amen" :) Half of the pictures are on Casey's camera card, which was left at Grammy's. So, I'll have to do a follow up post, because there are some gems!

Naptime with Daddy.............. Ahhhhhh!

Brady and Beau kept their newest cousin very happy on the drive back from church. And that is no small feat.
Papa Jack, Grandma Pat, Angie and David Ledbetter all came over to my Mom's. It was so fun! We had yummy pizza and peach shortcake and we did a LOT of swimming. Jett was tired when we got home.
Uncle Andrew - awwww.
Uncle David makes Jett smile.
Aunt Renee makes him smile, too.

Love you, Casey Don Haun! You're amazing...

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