Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp Davis

Camp Davis was great! Jett's first vacation was a success, although I still feel like I need a vacation :) Since he doesn't care for car rides, we drove overnight both ways and it worked great, minus the part when the sun rose and the screaming began. We thought for sure his screams would get Casey out of the speeding ticket he got - but alas, the officer had no sympathy.
Between the "Peanut Shell" and the "Nursing Cover" I was definitely super mom. We had more gear than I though humanly possible, but we used almost all of it: the bob stroller, swing, pack n' play, jumper, Baby Bjorn, Bumbo, Boppy, bouncer, and exercise ball! Whew...
Casey and Jett were tired from the *almost* sleepless drive, so they napped together. Well, Jett slept like this for about 2 minutes, anyway.
Jett loves his cousins! Austin and Kaleb were great at making faces that made Jett laugh.
We LOVED the cool mountian weather, but Jett had to bundle up more than he does in 104 degree weather!
He got to take his first horseback ride... he slept pretty much the whole way.
His cousin Carlee was awesome with him. She was able to keep him bouncing and/or falling asleep A LOT and for that we were very thankful!
He caught his first fish!
Uncle Andrew was a great bouncer...
He got to take a bath out on the cabin's porch - he was all about that. Definitely a fan of outdoor nakedness.
He and daddy chilled in the hammock together.
Kaleb, Austin and a lot of the younger guys at camp really thought Jett was "cool". He was sort of a celebrity. One of the guys even took his picture and used it as his phone screen saver - so cute.
Grammy had the great idea to put a mirror over Jett in his pack n' play. Can you tell he likes that guy?

All in all we had a great time, enjoyed being outside together in the beautiful mountains. I got to take a horseback ride by myself several of the mornings and I just drank in the cool, quiet air. We ate lots of yummy food and one of the ladies that worked there relieved us of our fussy man during meals - yay! We also had Grammy and Nanny with us, so we were very well taken care of. I didn't hike quite as much as I thought I might, but Casey did a good amount of hiking and taking the kids repelling. Jett slept well at night and kept us bouncing during the day, kind of like he does when we're not on vacation!

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Zakaryans said...

you are a rock star for doing all of this cherly! i am so proud of you. you are going to be a pro by the time SB comes around! love you and miss you, me