Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

Jett's first Independence Day was full and fun! First, we went to the Westin Stonebriar Resort to swim and play with the Haun family. Jett couldn't have been happier - he loves the heat, so 104 degrees and no swimming in the public pool yet suited his sweaty self just fine.

Beau likes Jett, by default... because he's an extension of Casey :)
I was chiding Casey because the only pictures we have of me and Jett are self-portraits. This is his first attempt - I think he's going to have to keep trying!
Aunt Holly loves baby Jett!
Barron did a great job playing Jett's ceaseless bouncing game :)
Aunt Mo wasworking for a smile...
Brady was trying to interpret. Beau was convinced Jett said "people". He probably did! There were a lot of them. Brady swam in the hot tub, which was very heated, just so he could have a little space to himself.
Then we headed to the farm with the Nicholas clan. So funny! Jeff and his brother Trey had been doing some building at the farm for my mom and in the process killed a rattlesnake and found some Copperheads. So, my sister, the amazing DIY queen, decides she needs the skin for her cowboy hat and proceeds to skin the rattlesnake. It was quite an adventure!

Classic Casey - and Jett loved his very first (of many) 4-wheeler ride!
So thankful for our country and our freedom and our family.

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Paige said...

I sure wish I was there! I will work on it for next year! I love you guys! I miss you too!!