Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Three Months and Ready To Go!

Jett is squirming and moving and wiggling whenever he's awake! He's amazing and we love his tiny, cute self. It's hard to believe he's been with us for one whole quarter already... It seems like a lifetime! I guess it is a lifetime for him :)

Grandma Pat and Angie came to visit and brought a very fun activity mat that Jett LOVES! They bounced and loved on him really good, too. Yay!

Here are his 3 month red chair pictures... He's so big! See 1 Month & 2 Months

Ronna and Jen suggested I have a caption contest for this last picture... What do you think Mr. Jett R. Haun is saying? :)


Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

I think he's saying...

"Keep it cool man. The paparazzi showed up." As evidenced by my time with him and your first couple of photos, he smiles when he isn't aware of the camera. But as soon as that black machine comes into his view, it's all Zoolander from them on.

Zakaryans said...

he's sayin'... "i am done with these photos, but I freaking love my parents so I will endure."