Sunday, August 30, 2009

Full Days & First Wedding

Our boy is SERIOUSLY teething these days! So, he's not always at his happiest... But we keep busy changing up the scenery to try to distract him from his hurting gums! No pearly whites to report just yet.
He's swimming in the hot tub with Honey, Daddy, Brady, Beau and Betsy here. Brady's giving him a faux hawk and he's happy about it!
We got to have lunch with Angie, Papa Jack and Grandma Pat and we all had a great time. Jett showed off his fancy footwork on the table and thoroughly wore himself out, so Angie bounced him around until he drifted off to sweet sleep ;)
In typical 4-month-old style, Jett is exploring by putting everything in his mouth. "He tried to eat the bathtub but it wouldn't go down his throat." Anyone else remember that jump rope/hand clapping song from elementary school?

Casey's cousin Ashley got married, so Jett attended his first wedding. Thankfully it was outside, so he was one happy guest. Here he is with his Papaw, Tatu and Daddy. (Thanks for the photos, Honey... I didn't take nearly as many good ones as you did! Nor did I get a good one of the beautiful bride!)
Such handsome guys - how lucky am I?!

My sweet outdoorsman. He loves loves loves being outside and around water.

Family portrait by Honey Haun :)

The "kids": Barron, Morgan, Holly, Jeff, me, Jett and Casey.

And, Honey came to the rescue again, bouncing little man to sleep and holding him while we danced and celebrated until her arm locked up!


Jen Beltz said...

I love love love the pic of you with Jett by the water - way to go Honey for snapping such a sweet pic!

I cannot believe the difference between month 1 and now in his red chair - he's growing fast!!

Love ya's!!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

A wedding. :) Awwwww...a reminder that loves grow families...with little Jetts.