Friday, August 14, 2009

What do I do with all my time?

How am I supposed to fold laundry!?!

Jett took a bath with his cousin Betsy in Honey & Tatu's kitchen sink... So cute :) Honey made a great summer dinner for us and we got to hang out all together again - it had been awhile.

Look at him grabbing his Daddy's chin. He's getting really good at grabbing things. He's got some seriously sticky fingers and toes! This was on our lunch date to Cafe R&D & Sprinkles :) YUM!
This is baby Delaney Moody. She's 3 weeks old and perfect... we got to visit her and her mommy and daddy. What an angel.

Proud papas:

She's so little - she's not as big as Jett was when he was born yet!


Mr. & Mrs. Jones said...

That little jumper looks like Jett's heaven on earth! It's like it was designed, just for him.

Mae said...

I love it! How long can you leave him in there before he fusses?

Kaye said...

So Cute!!! I am always so excited when I check and you have new things up! Love you!!

Chris Hayashida-Knight said...

You look like a real happy mama... :)