Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Times

I'm amazed at how fast the time goes. But I've purposed to focus on enjoying each moment and each day instead of bemoaning how my baby is not so little anymore! So... Here he is crawling like a champ. We never thought we'd see the day, since he liked standing so much, but he has conceded that crawling is an acceptable means of transportation and is REALLY FAST - surprise!

Angie came to hang out with us one evening and we had a good time playing together in Jett's room.

These two had the best morning hair - I just had to document it! Jett has also joined the Casey Haun fan club and has transferred his whining for one person from me to Dad :) He loves it!

This is our dear friend (and Jett's future piano teacher, if we can get him on the waiting list early enough), Mae. I miss worshiping with her so much! She's amazing. And while I know she misses her family and friends in Singapore, we are very grateful God has her here in this season :)
Ah, life is good. Times are good. And while not everything seems to flow like I want it to, I am a very thankful girl.

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