Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Week Continues

What a Birthday Week! We left Jett with his Honey, Tatu, Aunt Holly, Uncle Jeff and cousins and went to Babe's with friends and were delighted to not have to scarf our food down! He gave them a run for their money in the hour we were gone, but despite his protestations, they got him fed, bathed and pajamaed. And he started flirting with them the minute he was back in our arms... Thanks, y'all, for giving us the break.

The next morning, Ronna and Jen came over for breakfast and it was so fun. Jett stayed in his PJs for a long time. Why not, when you look that good in PJs? He has a cold again, so he's been alternating between whiny and snuggly - poor guy.

We've been trying to get together with our International Student Friend, Emily, since her birthday in November. It finally happened. She and her friend Leo came over for hamburgers and it was great to visit and hang out with them. Emily is the happiest, sweetest person and we are very glad to know her. Jett LOVED Leo - he was laughing at him immediately. Emily brought Jett his first bubbles and they were a big hit!

Thanks, sweet Jen, for helping us get Christmas put away before February :) We love when you are with us.

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