Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Randy is such a hard worker that he wanted to redo his front flower beds on his birthday :) So, of course, the Hauns of Growing Green headed out to participate. Sadly, I left my gardening gloves at home. But I took some good pictures and did some good cheers...
Jett was showing Tatum his karate moves. She looks impressed, doesn't she?
Really, it couldn't have been any better for Jett. A wheelbarrow, Adelaide's scooter and tricycle, cars driving by, outdoors, mom, dad, friends... He was euphoric! And a little delirious since he only napped 30 minutes in our very full and exciting day.
Isn't that an apropropriate family portrait location for us? A mulch heap!
Jen came to join in on the fun and swept the front porch and sidewalk for Randy so he didn't have to on his birthday. But not before she loved on Jett and he stuck his fingers in her mouth, smeared cheese cracker slobber on her shirt and giggled uncontrollably. So funny!

It was a great end to a fun day. Hopefully the project will be finished sometime next week. Happy Birthday, Randy! So glad we get to celebrate you here in Texas again - that's the way we like it!

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